Certified Live Online Trainer

Moderation of distributed teams

Recognizing emotions and reacting to them


The use of virtual media in the daily life is manyfold and brings along a lot of benefits such as a quick access to information of any kind, extended reachability of colleagues, partners, friends.

As to the communication behaviour in our culture people are more or less accustomed to see their partners in a talk face-to-face. Thus body language and the facial expression tell a lot more than the words only.

In an online meeting this visual contact is extremely limited or completely cut. Sometimes the conversational partner is –invisible.

Nevertheless, how can communication under such circumstances be successful? Do we need a sixth sense for this?

The training deals with the following questions:

  • How can I attract my audience?
  • What can I learn from their contributions during an online session?
  • How can I understand the messages on the whiteboard or in the chat?
  • How can I attend successfully to all participants in an online meeting?

Objective and target group:

The participants in the training will learn how to read the reactions of people in an online meeting and to respond to them. In particular, the participants will learn how to cope with emotions and statements properly as a moderator or trainer.

The webinar is designed for trainers, moderators and all interested people in this topic.


The training will be carried out in a virtual classroom for 6-8 participants.

During the webinar the behaviour and the reactions of people in a virtual situation will be made aware independently of a special topic.

Discussions and feedbacks will sum up the findings of this webinar.


90 minutes