Competencies in Career Planning

Competence-balance sheets in career planning

In a number of virtual projects the medial competence of all involved people plays an important role. However, media competence is not the only crucial factor for a successful participation in a virtual team, i.e. to manage social media tools efficiently and effectively. There are a lot of more competences that people in modern working processes have to obtain.
This way Time 2 Learn has carried out career planning in some special projects in the field of competencies. In the focus of attention there was e.g., that
a team member becomes the acting leader of the respective team
a team leader becomes acquainted with the requirements of virtual team leadership
a classical work place in the office is transfered to a home office environment
staff members are prepared for the field service on the basis of Web 2.0 tools.

The following survey depicts the most important issues of a competence balance sheet. The essential competence fields are named whereas the individual skills and abilities are added to each bullet point in a coaching.

methodological competence
skills of analysis with assessing processes, situations and behaviour
good memory combined with a quick reception for information and facts
profound and structured thinking
skill for associations and ability to abstract

professional competence
ability to give reasons for commercial decisions
skills and experiences with online media
experiences with office applications
ability to present knowledge issues to others
search, analysis and processing of knowledge bits on the basis of the use of online media
special abilities with the development of concepts in projects

Social competence
costumer friendly behaviour
diplomatic and open approach in talks
able negotiator

Personal competence
keen on learning and interested in many different subjects
reliable and thourough working procedure
attentive to people and a good speaker
self -determined thinking

All individual statements in a competence balance sheet are confidential and can be delivered in a written form, too.