Implementation of a content management system

Initial Situation

In a distributed company with a network of subsidiaries and franchising partnes a content management system (CMS) had to be implemented in order to manage the website of each local subsidiary. The respective staff members needed an online training with the system. The CMS had been customized according to the requirements of the company.


The staff members had to be enabled to manage the CMS according to the local needs within a short period of time. Moreover, the newly styles websites should have a great marketing effect for the company and a lot more costumers should be attracted.


About 600 staff members have been involved in the online training within a period of 6 weeks. A precise and detailed training schedule has offered opportunities to take part in the training along the daily business. There were up to 3 online sessions a day lasting for one hour. The whole online training has taken place in a virtual classroom.


After having finished staff members and franchising partners have been able to use the CMS properly. A hotline has supported the whole process of the training measures.