Concepts of leadership in locally organized companies

Virtual Leadership – style to success


Online Studio for Leaders - Process planning, special workshops and individual consulting for leaders and virtual teams

Initial situation and objectives

For many companies virtual team work and networking has become inevitable because of the ongoing process of globalization. In this context you have to meet special requirements as a leader of such a team referring to virtual leadership as well as daily business. Bythisthoroughlydesignedoffer “Leadership in virtualteams”

You experience: a practical and problem solving approach to the challenges as a leader in a virtual environment

You realize: specifics of virtual networking on the basis of leadership scenarios

You learn: coping with the challenges of virtual leadership in daily business

Content and methods

The total offer on "Leadership in virtual teams" comprises:

  • Supervising processes and working out concepts
  • Basic module "Leadership in distributed teams"
  • Special workshops online and face-to-face
  • Moderated online sessions
  • Individual consulting for leaders

The methodological realization of supervising processes is subject to inhouse workshops for leaders only. The basic principle consists in the practical approach to solutions by using current situations in the company concerned.

The total offer is based on the long lasting individual experience and expertise of the consultants. Moreover, a great deal of findings and solutions have been worked out in a very faithful cooperation with leaders of companies and public institutions. [more]

The total offer "Leadership in virtual teams" has been worked out in close cooperation with PhoeniaConsult - Daniela Krahmer and is offered in Germany as well as abroad in German and English languages.