Sales Online Training

Online Workshop for trainers in sales and distribution

Initial Situation:

The qualification of sales reps in a locally organized company shall be partly transferred to an online training in the intranet of the organization. Therefore, it is necessary to train and qualify the trainers in sales and distribution who up to this point have provided their trainings face-to-face. They all will become tutors for online based trainings.


In the course of 3 workshops á 90 minutes the classic face-to-face trainers get acquainted with the methodological and didactic basis of online training. They learn how to plan and organize virtual sessions and which tools they should use according to the virtual situations. They make a transfer of their classic learning scenario to the virtual environment and work out a moderation guide for online sessions.


The workshops including the preparations and the evaluations took place in a virtual classroom exclusively. The trainers had the chance to contact the tutor of Time2Learn the whole time long. There was one workshop per week which was compulsory for the participants.


After an intense work during the online sessions and within 3 weeks only the former face-to-face trainers were able to provide their teaching content as online courses.

In addition to the online workshops Time2Learn has offered an online coaching for the trainers which they have accepted.

In the meantime the online sales trainings have been established successfully throughout the whole company with good results of the participants. The company was able to save expenses for trainings considerably.