Workshops on virtual leadership

Virtual Leadership – style to success


As a leader you know that communication behaviour, motivation and trust may influence the working results of your team extremely. Moreover, you have experienced that optimizing processes and an efficient management are the crucial issues for a successful daily business.


The same is true for working processes in a virtual team. Our offer on workshop modules directed at virtual team work should provide help and assistance for you leading a virtual team. Besides, you are additionally offered an exchange of experience among the participants in the events and a qualified feedback on the part of the trainer. Furthermore, you can benefit from this module setting as the workshops are presented in manageable periods of time. The focus is laid on

  • Various leadership scenarios in practice  
  • Communication as one of the main influencing factors  
  • Trust and motivation in a virtual team  
  • Special features of cross-cultural teams

Here you learn more details about the workshops.

For inhouse events in your company we also offer a daily workshop comprising all challenges of virtual leadership as a survey.

Inhouse-Workshop in detail