Teacher Training

Teacher online training

Initial situation:

By introducing virtual trainings and sessions the range of special offers and a flexibility for the learning processes should be reached. First, teachers are to be trained in order to enable them to transfer face-to-face qualification to virtual requirements. These teachers become tutors and online trainers in a virtual environment consisting of a learning platform and online communication tools.


Teachers should be able to provide an active tutoring for online courses and moreover to work out learning procedures and to attend to the learning activities of their students. In this context it is recommendable to initiate a pilot group of teachers first who can act as moderators for their colleagues later on.


There was a special training course for 20 teachers becoming online tutors. After having finished the training they were able to manage their own online courses. Concerning methodological and didactic competence for online teaching each participant could experience an enormous increase in this matter. Besides, all teachers stated a higher motivation for their job and were a lot more satisfied with their work.

The college/ institute was able to offer more qualification and training courses than before and thus it became more attractive even for target groups such as enterprises or organizations in the region.